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Stories and photos from Maxwell

Book 1 is until I got married, Book 2 is my first marriage, Book 3 is my second marriage, Book 4 is my third marriage and Book 5 is the present.

In the beginning

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Maxwell Book 1

Until 1969.

Maxwell Book 2

1969 to 1991

Maxwell Book 3

1992 to 1999

Maxwell Book 4

1999 to 2018

Maxwell Book 5

2018 to present

Photos of Yarloop Timber Mill

Photos of Yarloop Mill


Photos of tree felling for Yarloop Timber Mill

Yarloop Fellers


Photos of Yarloop, Western Australia

 Photos of Yarloop













Aged Stories

Stories and photos describing the lives that people have had. Click on the image to read the story or see the photos.

Stories and photos from MaxwellMax ages

An online celebration of your life.

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Save your photos, stories and videos as a celebration of your life.

If you need help supply us with your stories and photos and we can help you post them online for your friends and rellies to remember your life. You need to do this before you meet your God as telekinesis is probably not one of your strong points.






Stories and photos from Maxwell