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2009 Max In Amsterdam

Well I got on a train from the airport thinking I was going into the Central Station. Fortunately a ticket inspector came along after we had been going for three times as long as I expected and informed me I was on the wrong train. Just as well he did come along as I do not know where I might have ended up. He quickly told me the train to get on at the second station to come and so I did get to the Central Station.
The station looked really good. Like the British Museum in London. After wandering around I went outside and walked for a little while thinking the clouds looked like rain and luckily I had not gone far when the rain started. Hurrying back to cover had to be done carefully as there was ice on the footpath.
Went to the other side of the station to see if it was worthwhile getting on a ferry on the water but they appeared to only go to the other side where nothing exciting appeared.
By the time I was again tempted to go for a walk the rain had stopped and I headed towards the library, too early, and then on to Nemo, a science museum. Half way there on a bridge over the water the rain again started. Got a bit wet before finding shelter in an open doorway at Nemo. Someone was delivering stuff. Did my back fixing up bit while I waited which took a while during which no person showed.
When it stopped I had a closer look at Amsterdam, an East India replica sailing ship. It did not open until 10am and as it was not 9.15 I gave it a miss and kept walking. There was ice on the road and the sheltered parts of the water were covered in ice. Some big white swans in the distance looked good. Boats, boats, boats.
I was getting along with my walk, keeping the railway station in view, too quickly so I did a bit of a detour and ended up in a mini-Chinatown with many Asian style shops and restaurants. On one of the streets I saw a vintage delivery truck but it looked so good I wondered if someone was making new ones to the old plans.
Ended up back at the station after making sure I avoided being run over by a bicycle as the whole time there were cyclists speeding by. Made sure I was getting on the right train and was very impressed by the train. Very quiet and comfortable as the other two had been but better as it was probably newer.
At the airport I had a couple of pastries and a cup of coffee.
I was using my Irish passport thinking it was quicker but I do not know that it was. No trouble anyway.
Wifi here is supposed to exist but it will not work.BACK