Thank you governor

Fifty years ago the system I was teaching in had one of its periodical changes. Science for weaker students included one unit which the teacher could design. These students had a natural aversion to use of the library, writing essays and talking on specific topics.

What to do?

The subject topic had to be one which would engage the whole class, have them doing the things they usually would not, and include science experiments.

These were teenagers. The topic was to be the many forms of alcohol and their preparation. Students had to choose a drink each and prepare a paper on it and then present their work in a talk to the class.

An excursion to a local hotel was included and a variety of experiments conducted.

All students worked as never before. The unit was a resounding success. Library use, writing and talks were all superb.

The topic was appropriately entitled “Booze”.

I Love the Governor

I love my car

Walking was the pits

I love my house

My humpy was not warm

I love McDonalds

Kangaroos are just too hard to catch

I love a Boags

Which can be a problem

I love my tele

Talking is good but pictures beat it

I love my phone

Smoke signals aren’t as good

It was all from Governor Phillip

Coming here back in 1788

That I no longer just walk

That I no longer am stone age man

He changed me to modern man


Read about what happens in the future.

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