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Tuesday, 08 May 2018 02:24

Aboriginal languages

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Aboriginal languages

You are a stone age man. Your level of ignorance is mind bogglingly high.

Consequently the language you speak is incredibly limited. And we have some academics who think it a good idea to have you not be an Australian but continue to use this useless language.
This comment is brought about by the item heading “Revival of aboriginal languages” on the ABC website.
Australians speak English. To participate in life in Australia you speak English. All migrants know this to be the case. These Aboriginal people have had two hundred and thirty years to get the message. Migrants get it immediately. It does add credence to the supposition of one scientist that Aborigines are the second dumbest race on the Earth.
It is obvious that Aborigines are not dumb. The amount of money and conditions they get from the Australian Government indicates that they are very smart politically. They have at least a third of the countries land under their control.
If you want to be Australian you speak English, not some ridiculously minor language that didn’t even have writing.

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