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Friday, 22 June 2018 03:11

Unfortunately Donald is right

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Unfortunately Donald is right

The following headline is ignoring the situation we have on our doorstep with China building islands and arming them.


Donald Trump is wrong: Space shouldn't be a 'war-fighting domain'

I have considered for some time the problem the world has in a future conflict if China has parked satellites in orbit which in the case of a conflict here on Earth would disable all the GPS satellites so opposing forces down here would be lost. Presumably the Chinese have already got a system of their own GPS satellites to guide their war machines.

It is all very well to have laws for the regularising of activities in space but just as it does here on Earth the Chinese will no doubt disregard them. The reefs it has built into islands and placed weapons on have been given the thumbs down by the international court but that has not stopped the Chinese from making them into war machines. Likewise in space the Chinese are no doubt equipping satellites to destroy those of other countries should it want to.

Lawyers are the least able to say what should be done anywhere because China will continue to do what it wants to irrespective of laws or opinions. Hence Donald is right and should be applauded for making the world a safer place. By making it more able to resist Chinese domination.

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