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Monday, 27 May 2019 23:59


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We eat vegetables.

This particularly applies to those who run around saying they are Vegans or Vegetarians or whatever. But the rest of us should eat more of them to keep healthy.

However there are some vegetables we could not be happy eating even though that is the only possible use they have on this Earth.

These are the individuals whose only claim to be human is that they share our DNA. They have none of the other attributes we share as humans.

Forty or so years ago I visited my Aunty Pauline at the nursing home where they were looking after her. I lived in the country and did not get to Perth all that often.

Now Aunty Pauline had been fastidious in her appearance when I saw her during my childhood. She always looked good.

She would have been really upset that foolish people were maintaining her alive in the condition she was in when I last saw her because I was so upset by what I saw that I never went back.

She was lying on the floor being fed by one of the culprits keeping her alive. She was not capable of feeding herself.

She could not talk.

She could not wash herself.

She could not dress herself.

But they were keeping her alive.

What for?

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