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Monday, 24 February 2020 01:34

Humans are making too many humans

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Humans are making too many humans

Humans are making too many humans. The global warming, pollution, species extinction,

are all a result of there being too many of us.
I know religious people think humans are not just one of the animals but the Octet makes the point that all life is important.
When Australia had a rabbit plague the number of rabbits had to be reduced. Unfortunately we currently have a human plague and nothing is being done about the numbers.
Eventually humans will get the message and stop breeding like bunnies but things would appear to be going to be very bad before that happens.
If you are a pastor you need to get your flock to realise large families are not good. We should be only replacing ourselves but at present with the huge overpopulation of humans even that is too little.
The Maxwell Empire Books are set in 4576. In Book 3 it is June, 4576, and the book carries on the story from Books 1 and 2. Book 3 describes life on Earth and in Space City, 35,000 km above the Earth, in and on the Moon, and on Maxwell 01, the planet being terraformed for humans which is four light years away.
The locals complain about the humans who bred like bunnies in the twenties centuries and would like time travel to be real so they could go back and give those humans a thumping for not thinking of the consequences of their actions.
Read about the action in the Arena when baddies face hungry pigs, the sea level rising with Bangladesh under water, robots doing all the work, humans being full time tourists or working if they want.
Click on the image to see the books.

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