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Monday, 24 February 2020 09:34

A reply to Samuel’s question

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A reply to Samuel’s question

The question; Apart reducing the number of childbirths, what else do you propose?


An asteroid hits China in 2091 and causes billions of deaths from the impact and subsequent starvation because there is no sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere. Australia and Nigeria are OK but people from the north head south.
People whose brains do not work are euthanized. This is from an aunt of mine being in a nursing home being fed on the floor because she was completely incompetent. All her life she had been careful with her appearance and she would have been really upset society thought she should be kept alive like that. I never went back to see her again because it upset me so much. If my brain goes to mush I want to be put down.
In the 24th century you have wars between the Moslems and the Christians and Sharia Law takes over SE Asia with wars there. All this leads to religion being banned in 2733 after the World Government is formed in 2645. Banning leads to wars as well.
The chap who starts the World Government is English so in 2650 American spelling is banned.
In 2648 all humans are microchipped. This means the robot police can keep a permanent record of where everyone is and has been so they can get you fish fooded if you have done something illegal. Only humans can kill humans.
I think this is all the bits applying to humans on my history so far. I hope it does not upset you, you being a pastor, but it is hundreds of years away.
Actually it would be really interesting to be around for several thousand years just to see what does happen.


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