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Monday, 30 March 2020 04:34

Maxwell Empire Scripted Book 1, Chapter 8 Sample 1.

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Maxwell Empire Scripted Book 1, Chapter 8 Sample 1.

A reminder that you and another can enjoy your lockdown time by reading Maxwell Empire Scripted e-Books 1, 2 and 3.

You can each take a character to speak.

This sample of Biology is from Maxwell Empire Scripted Book 1, Chapter 8 Sample 1.



4576 Chickens



Did your Dad make you watch the news?


Yeah, but I don’t know why they get excited about what happened four years ago.


And not when it is all about chickens.


I guess they want the humans to be happy and eat chicken.


How long before they make humans now?


Well, it is May 23rd, 4576, our time, and they said they had chickens. The robots would have started making humans when they knew the chickens were doing well, so I guess that would be soon after. Say a month or two. Then nine months to gestate. We should hear in a year or so that they have humans, but that is about four years ago, so our rellies are now three years old.


Happy third birthday, dear Maxwell 01 boy, or girl, or boys or girls.


Click on the picture to buy the e-Book. Only US$3.


ME Book1to3 horz

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