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A celebration of your life

With Euthanasia having become law in some States it is possible for the to be dead person to be present to enjoy a celebration of their life with all their friends and acquaintances.

End your life in a noisy, active atmosphere.

Be at your own celebration of your life.

What is the point of being in a nursing home waiting to die?

Being bored out of your brain.

Just get on with it. Have a celebration of your life with you in attendance alive and then take a tablet with all of your friends around and end it all.

A possible problem...

Of course you may decide you have enjoyed yourself so much you want to be at another one in a week or two.


You will need to decide beforehand on the adverts, clothes, music, decorations and food for your event. Remember, it is a joyous occasion so all aspects must reflect this in a suitable environment for the last celebration of your life.


Provide information and photos to create a website display of your history. You will need interviews on video to include on your website which will have stories, photos and videos of your life. It would be on this Riverina Aged Care website.

The cost of this service is shown on this page.

See an example here.

Max ages