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1970 Onslow

The holiday destination was Wittenoom to see the gorges. The car was an Austin 1800 with hydrolastic suspension which meant it was filled with fluid. The designers were obviously unfamiliar with unsealed potholed roads and one of the cylinders burst. Onslow was the next town. A town that you glanced at as you swept past. The mechanic ordered a new cylinder. The manufacturers had made the Mark 2 cars with cylinders of four times the volume. Luckily for him another owner of an Austin was similarly unfortunate had just turned up. He had the Mark 2. By the time we got the right part we had spent a week in Onslow.

Onslow01 1000

The car and tent.

Onslow20 1000

Cyclones are destructive because of the high winds. The jetty is now gone.

Onslow06 1000

A long walk out along the jetty.

Onslow15 1000

The main street.

Onslow02 1000

Car fixed. Left town. Drove too fast for mud. Back until it had dried out a bit.