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Maxwell Book 5

Stories, photos and videos from January 2018.



I Love the Governor

In defence of Australia Day.

Megan, Anzac Day in Jindera, 2019

Watch the video of the Air Cadets in JIndera.

Megan, 6am, Anzac Day, 2020

Anzac Day celebrated alone.

Lavington science fiction author creates Maxwell Empire series

Border Mail article on writing the Maxwell Empire Books.

Megan, Anzac Day in Jindera, 2021

Megan in charge.


Writing the Maxwell Empire Books

Maxwell Empire Books

Humans need to expand to other planets.

Cover Photo

Why the covers have one theme.

Hunt Areas

Information and photos of Hunt Areas.

A message from the future

A perspective of the world’s current problems.

Tourist places under water

Seas have risen 20m.

The Octet

Guidleines for humans.

Help for farmers

A good read to forget about stress.

Maxwell Empire Book 1

The first of the series.