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Maxwell Book 4

Stories and photos of my life from with my third wife including living in Thailand at Nong Khai, near Seoul and later Gwangju in South Korea, In Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria, and in Albury in Australia.



In 2000 I put the website on the Internet.

Wedding Day

When I was in Nong Khai I had a section on the website called Nong Khai News. This item appeared on 08/04/00.

Lao Wedding Dresses for sale in 2000

Lao wedding dresses we sourced from the Morning Market in Vientianne.

Silk Shirts for Sale in 2000

Silk shirts for sale at the silk village between Nong Khai and Udon Thani in the year 2000.


Antiques were for sale in Laos.

Chinese New Year in Mae Sot on the Myanmar border.

Friends took us to Mae Sot to celebrate Chinese New Year.

A letter to my cousin about working in Korea


Advertisement for book and accompanying CD

I produced a book and accompanying CD for English. This shows the advertisement I had on my website.

2004 A day trip to Bogildo

Bogildo is an island off the south coast of Korea renowned for its seaweed.

An email in 2005

Being checked out by a hospital in South Korea.


2005 Lagos, Nigeria

An email about being in Lagos.

2006 Haskovo, Bulgaria

I took a bus from Istanbul to Haskovo.

Uncle’s murder

Grape's uncle had been murdered and we were going to his burning.

Megan on motorbike video

Megan bike 01

Megan's grandparents live in Nong Khai, Thailand. The preferred method of getting to the shops or whatever. is by motorbike. Hence her attraction to the bike. Made on April 19th, 2007.

2007 A trip to Jos

A trip from Lagos to Jos in Nigeria.


London Exhibition February 2008

To London to promote the school.

2008 Robbers with guns

A bad night for some.

2009 Max In Amsterdam

BACKA few hours between flights in winter in Amsterdam.

Science Teacher’s Handbook

The introduction to the online Science Teacher’s Handbook

2.15 Diagrams

Diagrams in science teaching.

Nearly Going Away Forever

The trauma of getting cancer.


2011/08/13 On arrival

A poor reception for a year in China.

2011/08/14 Walking and shopping

Day 2 of the poor introduction to China.

2011/09/16 Email from China

An email to a friend about China and comparing it to Nigeria.

Leaving Qingdao

An image to "make my day".


2014 Grandfather's funeral Going away forever

Do you want a send off to remember. Well, you may or may not notice, depending on what actually takes place after our bodies stop working, and you may be looking down at the festivities celebrating your life. Here are some photos from my ex-wife's grandfather's funeral. He was Thai. He was 92 years old when he died. He did not want to go and the fire did not light until the third attempt.

2014 Spreading Grandfather's Ashes

The day after Grandfather had been cremated his ashes were taken out to the part of the river where Grandmother's had been thrown two years before so he could join her. As a nominal Christian I am frequently amazed at how much more spiritual the Thai people are than Australians.

Watch the video which shows some of the ceremony in the Wat and then the departure in the boat driven by a monk.


2014 Beginning Best Education Tours

A new tour business.


Kuwait briefly 2014

A day and a half of stupido students.


Gran Canaria

See where Columbus prayed.


Murray River


Nong Khai News Page 1

Nong Khai News from around the Year 1999 and 2000.

Nong Khai News Page 2

Nong Khai News from around the Year 2000.

Nong Khai News Page 3

Nong Khai News from around 2000.

Nong Khai News Page 4

These news stories are written by Nong Khai people interested in practicing their English.

Nong Khai News Page 5

Nong Khai News from around the Year 2000

Nong Khai News Page 6

Nong Khai News from around 2001 and 2002

Nong Khai News Page 7

Nong Khai News from around 2001 and 2002

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