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FlightGear - Flight Simulator

If you have flown a plane or it was on your bucket list here is a free program to let you try your hand at it.

Download at the following link.

FlightGear - Flight Simulator

FlightGear Flight Simulator: free open-source multiplatform flight sim

Brought to you by: curt, jmturner, stuartbuchanan, torstendreyer

Founded in 1997, FlightGear is developed by a worldwide group of volunteers, brought together by a shared ambition to create the most realistic flight simulator possible that is free to use, modify and distribute. FlightGear is used all over the world by desktop flight simulator enthusiasts, for research in universities and for interactive exhibits in museums.

FlightGear features more than 400 aircraft, a worldwide scenery database, a multi-player environment, detailed sky modelling, a flexible and open aircraft modelling system, varied networking options, multiple display support, a powerful scripting language and an open architecture. Best of all, being open-source, the simulator is owned by the community and everyone is encouraged to contribute.


  • Free and Open
  • Cross Platform (Mac, *nix, Windows)
  • Complete World Scenery
  • Highly Configurable
  • Multiscreen (current standing record: 10 on a single PC)
  • Active Community


edroberts1943 Posted 09/26/2016

I found installation of on Windows 10 to be very easy--just run the installer and wait...and wait. Getting an airplane to fly--well, that is another matter. Landing, another story too. I chose to stick with the Cessna 172 because I have actually flown these planes. To get the plane started, one must do exactly what you do in a real plane. Switches on, magneto to both, mixture to full, throttle to about 25%, prime several times, then start (with the s key). If you are flying with the mouse, use the option string to specify coordinated controls--otherwise, expect to crash. Landing takes a lot of practice but it is just as in a real plane. Reduce speed to about 80, flaps down, line up on the runway, and keep the plane flying as long as possible. Apply brakes after touching down to stop the roll out. This is a sophisticated simulation and is therefore not for the casual gamer. A real pilot can gain much practice and skill using it. Also, you can do crazy things you would never do in a real plane where you could kill yourself. Highly recommended.