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Maxwell Empire Book 1

Set in the year 4576 Maxwell Empire describes life on Earth and the expansion of mankind to nearby habitable planets in a series of books following the activities of Jimmy the sportsman, Kailee his girlfriend, Scott and Simon on their tour of Space City and its various factories, and other Earthlings. Read how people are coping with sea level rising, engaging in a Celebration of Life for those about to cease living, communicating with Maxwell 01, the spaceship in orbit around the nearest habitable planet outside our solar system, enjoying the conflict of the hunt when criminals try to avoid cessation of life by winning against a number of hunters, engaging in a vastly different education system to that of today, having robots do all the work, and other changes to life over two thousand years in the future.

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Maxwell Empire Book 1 CHAPTER 10 excerpt

Hiding a Microchip 

Stick it in the roo! ordered Mike.

Where? asked Harry.

Any bloody where. Its bloodwell dead. Exclaimed Mike.

Now what? asked Harry.

Burn the bloody thing. We have to leave only ashes. They won’t check that it is only kangaroo ashes and not human ashes.

Harry and Mike were a couple of kilometres up a track in the Alpine National Park. It was winter so they could light a fire without upsetting anyone. Particularly the fire drones that would be buzzing overhead if it was summertime.

They had brought a chain saw in case they did not find enough small wood but it did not look like they would be using it as there was a lot of wood around the place.

Both of them had spent a lot of time in the bush hunting deer, kangaroos, wombats or rabbits or just going for a hike.

They lived nearby in the city of Albury Wodonga. Their families were there but none of them knew of their support for the Freedom groups.

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