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Nong Khai News Page 1

These news stories are written by Nong Khai people interested in practicing their English.

Added on 29/02/00

Coins for Monks

by Chirawan

The monks at Si Chiang Mai have produced two coins for sale. They are to honour a local well-respected 88 year old monk and one who has died. The coins are 100 Baht each and can be obtained from the Government office in Si Chiang Mai district (Phone +(66 42) 451953).

Added on 17/02/00


by Pimonpan

Nong Khai people celebrate Songkran which is a custom they like very much and which is of great importance to them.

Every year people depart from everywhere in Thailand to go home for Songkran. It is held every year from April 13-17 in Phochai Temple, which is the most important in Nong Khai. The temple has many entertainments including a concert every night, films, lots of food to buy and local games. When people go to Phochai Temple they worship Luangpor Phrasai. We want to see you here.

Editor's Note: To see more on Songkran, read the notes in "About Nong Khai".

Added on 17/02/00


by Phu

At Patumthepwittayakarn School the teachers and students will have a Graduation Ceremony on 29th February. At the beginning of the graduation there will be a Buddhist ceremony for the students conducted by Buddhist monks. After the ceremony there will be a party.

Added on 17/02/00

Valentine's Day

by Ko

Valentine's Day in Nong Khai was merrier this year than in previous years, especially for teenagers who prepared some gift for their lovers. Roses are more expensive than any other flower but were still used by them as gifts. But some just had dinner together or went to a film. In each school students were happy to get gifts from others and to be told "I love you".

Added on 17/02/00

Road Improvement

by Jui

Midtrapab Road is one of the four main roads in Thailand. It runs for 600km from Bangkok to Nong Khai. Since January, 1999, it has been improved from 2 lanes to 4 lanes and cars need to run slowly in parts.

Added on 17/02/00


by Rin

On the 18th of February the teachers and students from Pathumthepwittayakarn School will go to Buddhist temples in Nong Khai to celebrate Makabucha Day. The ceremony starts at 15.00. Groups of students will attend Lamduan, Aroonrungsee, Mongkonsila, Phochai and Tungsawang temples.

Added on 16/02/00


by Nan

On 15-19 February at Nong Khai, the annual Phra That Bungpuan Festival  will be held. People come to the Festival to worship Phra That. In the Festival there is a concert with artists such as Arisman and Su Su. People can make merit by buying a ticket to the concert and at the same time try their luck because there are ticket prizes which include bicycles, wristwatches, jackets, etc. The proceeds of the Festival are managed by Phra Archan Tawee Mahaveero of the Foundation and are used to help many poor people.

Added on 13/02/00

Mountain Bikes Across Thailand

by Maxwell 

Tony, John, Matthew, Pridi, Anuchat, Mongkol and Mr Son stopped by today at Suki Vieng Chun for some lunch during their ride around Nong Khai. The previous few days had been spent riding from Pisanaloke via Loei to Nong Khai. This was about 600 km in 6 days. Initially through hills, and then along the Mekong. Mr Son and some others joined at Loei, but then Mr Son is 71 years old.

Two members of the group not here for lunch were Netr, who did most of the organising, and Tai.

The route was 

Day 1 Pisanaloke to Nakhon Thai

Day 2 Nakhon Thai to Phu Hin Rongkla National Park to Nakhon Thai

Day 3 Nakhon Thai to Phu Rua

Day 4 Phu Rua to Chiang Khan

Day 5 Chiang Khan to Sang Khom

Day 6 Sang Khom to Nong Khai

Highlights of the trip were the ride up to the National Park, seeing a 5000 acre vineyard 10 km before Phu Rua called Chateau De Loei, having lunch prepared in a private home along the Mekong when a restaurant had not been found, Tony being shot by two Thai kids with an air rifle when he cycles around Phonm Phenh in Cambodia without getting shot, the courtesy of the Thai drivers in giving them lots of room, especially truck drivers who would honk and get on the other side of the road and the good road surfaces all the way. 

Total discomfort on the trip was five punctured tyres from thorns, and some afternoons getting a bit warm. The National Park ride was strenuous. 

They tell me that there is a mountain bikes association in Thailand which organises races every weekend, with a couple of hundred people taking part.

Added on 12/02/00

Off to Work We Go

Miss Chalalai 

In two months I start work in Bangkok. I will be working in Sosuco Company in the International Sales Department selling wall and floor tiles. I studied at Assumption University in Bangkok for four years. The course was Business Administration, and I majored in General Management. 

I like the idea of working in Bangkok because there is a lot of challenge, but I don't like the traffic problems and the pollution. Nong Khai doesn't have much traffic and the air is clean. The major thing I like about Nong Khai is that I stay with my family. In Bangkok I will be staying with my mother's family. They live about one hour by car away from where I will be working. The road is busy in the morning.

Added on 9/02/00

New Restaurant in Nong Khai

by Maxwell

If you like Isan food a new restaurant in Nong Khai caters for your taste. The Parlun Restaurant also has draft Carlsburg. Specialties include spicy minced chicken, duck, pork, fish and beef. The spicy fish soup they also recommend. The restaurant is located in the main street, Prajak Road, towards the east end of town.

Added on 07/02/00

On Retreat

Phra Phonexay Silavan

The monks and novices from Sisaket University prepared for a ten day retreat at Udon Thani. When they were ready to go at 1.00 pm two buses were on hand for them to board. Some went by car. Wat Phrabaht Buabok was reached after an hours drive. The monks then sought out their sleeping places with their belongings. A few monks had lost items on the bus trip when they fell off the bus. To get to where they were sleeping the monks had to walk up the mountain while carrying their belongings. Some had heavy loads and needed help.

The group from Nakhon Phanom was already at the Wat. They numbered forty four, and the Nong Khai group numbered two hundred and thirty. 

By 4.00 pm the preparations were complete and everyone could rest for a half hour. The bell to summon the group sounded and the group joined at the Stupa ground to pay respect to the Stupa before moving to the Temple Hall. The leaders of the twenty groups of monks distributed name cards and checked who was present. Respect was then payed to the Buddha image in the Temple Hall. The Headmaster of Sisaket University then preached about meditation methods. Then the Abbot of the Retreat Centre advised the group of the situation in the Temple grounds. The grounds are extensive and encompass a lot of forest and outcrops of rock. The snakes and birds of the forest need to have their habits respected and stones should not be thrown at them. The daily routine was then described for the duration of the Retreat. 

Added on 29/1/00


Thai Vocational Education was on display in Nong Khai last Wed to Fri with displays from the 19 Provinces of the North East. Wine made from fruit, culture including song and dance which has taken the school overseas, hand woven silk from Kalasin,


cane woven baskets, Kick boxing from a Physical Education School, motor mechanics and similar familiar trades, shell inlay decoration of picture frames, leather items from belts and hats to wallets, jewellery made from insects and a huge range of other items.

Added on 18/1/00


Report by Phra Viengsong

On Saturday, January 20th, all 200 monks from Sisaket University in Nong Khai are going to Puttabaht Temple in Ban Poo for a ten day meditation retreat. They will be joined by the hundred students who attend the University centre in Nakhom Phanom.