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Nong Khai News Page 2

These news stories are written by Nong Khai people interested in practicing their English.


Added on 15/05/00

More Voting 

by Maxwell

Nong Khai Province voters go to the polls again next month for the third attempt to select a total of three from the 18 Senate candidates. The results of the first election were disallowed because the candidates broke the law by paying voters to vote for them, and someone has done the same thing again. The Electoral Commission has insisted that potential politicians should obey the law.


Added on 13/05/00

Rocket Power 

by Maxwell

The local rocket festival is on the 16th and 17th of this month. Home made rockets take to the skies in spectacular fashion. We will show you photos of it as long as we get some good ones. I have been assured they don't throw water over you at this festival.


Added on 11/05/00

Golf Galore 

by Maxwell

Bangkok will see displays by 150 Thailand golf clubs on the 29th of this month at an exhibition to be attended by 120 overseas tour companies. Victory Golf and Country Club of Nong Khai will be attending to promote their club. By then there should be more information about the club on this site and a hole by hole tour of the course. We have just added on line booking for playing golf at the club or for accommodation and tours.


Added on 22/04/00

Wet Days 

by Chirawan

Songkran Festival results in water being thrown over people in the street. Pickup loads of youngsters travel the streets heaving buckets of water over victims. On Thursday 13th a procession of the towns Buddhas and other floats including one from the TAT wended its way around the town. Monks carried alms bowls in which people put donations of money. The town's most famous Buddha image Luang Pho Phra Sai is shown in the procession. The men in red are towing the float it is on.


Added on 08/04/00

Wedding Day 

by Chirawan

Miss Surat Visedla and Mr Siwaporn Suworaphun were married at her mother's house in Nong Khai on March 25th. They both work in Nong Khai. She works in the Revenue Department and he works in the Royal Forestry Department. They now live with the mother. The day started with offering food to the monks at 6am, followed by the wedding which was in the morning when nine monks attended (the best number ) and the day was rounded off with a party in the evening. Hard work getting married in Thailand.

Isan musicians from another Province, where the groom comes from, played the best Isan music I have heard to date.

The men and women also displayed graceful skill in their Thai dancing.

The morning saw 250 people in attendance and the evening was celebrated with 350 people.  Contributions totalled 99,929 Baht, which with so many 9s is a very fortuitous number. 5 baht weight of gold and gold bracelets and necklaces were also given to the couple.


Added on 21/03/00

Si Chiang Mai wants it own Border Crossing

by Chirawan

The people of Si Chiang Mai, which is on the other side of the Mekong to Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, want the government to put in offices to allow people to cross the river by ferry. There was such a crossing before the revolution in Laos in 1975 and they want it reinstated for the convenience of the local people. At present they are supposed to travel the 45 km to Nong Khai to cross to Laos. More importantly for Si Chiang Mai people is the trade resulting from such a crossing because Laos people at present spend a lot of money in Nong Khai.


Added on 20/03/00

Watch your Bike

by Chirawan

The owner of Toy Mini-Mart was sitting outside the shop on Friday enjoying a beer. The shop next door to his is a video arcade which produces a lot of noise. His motorbike which was parked just behind him disappeared while he was enjoying his drink. Someone had kick started it and driven off with it because it wasn't locked. There was so much other noise that he hadn't noticed it being stolen. 


Added on 15/03/00

Some Nong Khai Festival Results

by Ratchanikorn Saensing and Anak Ratanarongtai

In the photo here you can see Anak Ratanarongtai and his fellow judges comparing some of the many entrants in the tomato plant competition. As you can read in the item of 08/03/00, tomatoes are an important crop in Nong Khai Province. The winners were; 1st Mr Komsai Wongta, from Seka district, which is about 220km east of Nong Khai; 2nd was Mr Term Tongdaeng from the same district; and 3rd was Mr Samai Muanglee from Tabor district, which is 40 km west of Nong Khai.

Mr Pinit looked after the flower competition. The winners in the daisy section were 1st Miss Suticha Chumsaen from Nong Khai, 2nd Mr Pravet Chumsaen (her Dad), and 3rd Mr Sri Salinok from Sungkhom district, which is about 90km west of Nong Khai.

The judges discussed all the finer points of vegetables grown in a container before awarding 1st to Mrs Butsabar Suratpon from So Phisai district, which is 94 km east of Nong Khai. The judge is seen putting the 2nd place on the entry from Mrs Sumruan Nuntaluksa from Nong Khai. 3rd place went to Mrs Arun Pomlong from Pho Tak district, which is 50 km W of Nong Khai.



Added on 13/03/00

Nong Khai Festival Fighting Cocks

by Maxwell

Chook lovers would have had a field day on Friday last when dozens of Fighting cocks were compared as part of the Prap Ho Monument Celebration. Like all fighters they were weighed in and put in their respective corners (in the bamboo covers you can see in this photo). There were dozens of competitors as this is a very popular pastime in Thailand.


Added on 13/03/00

Nong Khai Festival Cooking Competition

by Ratchanikorn Saensing

Competitors representing 9 of the 17 districts in Nong Khai Province entered the annual "Thai Sweets Cooking Competition" held last Saturday. A total of 13 teams competed. The local office of the Department of Agriculture conducts the competition and awards the prizes. The ingredients used are produced on Nong Khai farms and include peanuts, unripe rice, bananas, coconut, sugar and tomatoes. The winners were from Ban Sak village in Si Chiang Mai district, which is about 55 km from Nong Khai. They received prize money of 800 Baht, second place got 700 Baht, and third 600 Baht. The remaining entrants got 300 Baht.


Added on 13/03/00

Not Nong Khai News

by Maxwell

My nephew Andrew is looking for investors for one of his musicals (he has written two and both are waiting on investors).  One was written with a very interesting Jewish lady and is about the life of Rachel in the bible.  Good music and songs.  The other is called Waltzing Matilda and has really good songs based on Patterson and Lawson. Send Andrew Partington an email if you want to know more.


Added on 11/03/00

New House Ceremony

by Maxwell

Wat Praditthammakhoun dedicated a new house today. The donor was the same lady who had the new Temple Hall of religious instruction built for them. Many of the buildings in the Wat are old and construction of some new residences is overdue. The monks who stay at the Wat who are studying at Sisaket University finished their exams on Friday and are now on holidays until May. Those who come from Laos might take the opportunity to go home to see their family if they have the money. Monk Pornchai is going home to Phonsavan near the Plain of Jars for a week before visiting a friend in the north of Laos. His brother is staying in Nong Khai and will be trying to master English.


Added on 11/03/00

Hand Woven Cotton and Bamboo

by Maxwell

One of the stands at the Prap Ho Monument Celebration which finished today was by villagers from Siviri district 27km from Bung Khan at the eastern end of the Province. They make hand woven cotton and hand woven bamboo containers. They are on the phone but if you are interested in their products and don't speak Thai send us an email and we will get in touch with them for you. If you do speak Thai their phone number is +(66 42) 432861.


Added on 08/03/00

Tomatoes at Nong Khai

by Anak Ratanarongtai

Nowadays if you are driving along Khong River Road you will see a lot of tomatoes in farms on trucks. This month the farmers begin to harvest the tomatoes on their farms. They will send them to factories to make tomato ketchup and other tomato products. There are five factories in Nong Khai producing tomato products. Each of them has many farmers and areas supplying tomatoes.

Thaisoon Industry factory has 755 farmers growing 3,844 rai of tomatoes.

Srichiangmai Industry factory has 807 farmers growing 3,529 rai of tomatoes.

Rosa Industry factory Co., Ltd. has 796 farmers growing 1802 rai of tomatoes.

Lakchai Trading Co., Ltd. has 330 farmers growing 1,927 rai of tomatoes.

Suntrade Group Co., Ltd. has 41 farmers growing 150 rai of tomatoes.

Then there are 208 farmers growing 502 rai of tomatoes for sale in the local markets.

We can say that Nong Khai has more tomatoes than any other province in Thailand, with 3357 farmers growing 11,754 rai of tomatoes.

Editors Note: (1) 1 rai = 1,600 m(2) If you want to know about investing in tomato growing in Nong Khai Province see Investments


Added on 01/03/00

Book on King's Palace

by Chirawan

A book about the King's Palace in Bangkok is on sale from the Public Relations Office in Nong Khai (Phone +(66 42) 412110). Proceeds will be given to the King to help him with his many projects to help the people of Thailand. The book commemorates the King's 72nd birthday on 5th December, 1999. It costs 99 Baht. The text is in Thai. It is on sale until the 31st March.BACK