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Nong Khai News 3

These news stories are written by Nong Khai people interested in practicing their English.

Added on 6/07/00

To Vote or not to Vote

by Maxwell

One of the candidates in Sunday's election is asking for an investigation into leaflets being distributed around the villages which are her stronghold saying that she should not be allowed to run. The Constitutional Court has decided that she and all the others are able to run so this is just one more illegal act in the electioneering. Of course the perpetrators may be assisting her rather than hindering by keeping her name to the fore.


Added on 4/07/00

Vientiane visit

by Maxwell

We went to Vientiane last Thursday because my Thai visa had expired. We visited the two travel agents we have on the Website and Thala at Raja Tours gave us some photos of the places their tours visit. We reminded Chakavane Tours once again that we need prices for their tours. Neither company has had anyone contact them by phone for tours. As neither has email, send us your email and we will fax it to them. 

We went to the Forestry Department and spoke to the chap in charge of reafforestation in Laos. He is supervising a project funded by the ADB, and we have put his information in the Timber page in Market. This is brief because all his information was only in Lao.

We had lunch at a small restaurant which is very popular with tourists and has real bread with a crunchy crust. Nong Khai can't make bread like the Laos bakers. The shop beside the restaurant is an antique shop owned by the same family. We might have some photos of their many interesting items, but don't hold your breath as we have asked them before.

The chap next door had a good range of swords and some old rifles, as well as the usual items. He didn't know where a silver factory was but the first shop did, and the taxi driver only got lost twice in finding it. It's right beside a Market so I'm not sure he wanted to find it. People normally buy their silver at the retail outlets in the Morning Market, where there are dozens of shops. If you want your own design made you need to buy 100 items of it, but if you are in Vientiane, you can buy any quantity from what they have in stock. Their workmanship and quality control is very good.

We took another look at the cotton products at Lao-Cotton but didn't have time to go back to talk to the office about wholesale prices. It was between 12 and 1 and most places in Vientiane shut for lunch. They have all sorts of products, like those we have on this site.

Added on 3/07/00


by Maxwell

The locals go to the polls on the 9th of this month after a court case was needed to decide whether all previous runners could participate in the poll. Some of the people who have got into trouble with the electoral scrutineers in the past have gone to Bangkok and intend keeping away so that they cannot be accused of improper conduct in this, hopefully last, poll.


Added on13/06/00

Voting Again

by Maxwell

The next round of voting takes place on the 18th of this month in only four Provinces, with Nong Khai being one of them.

The table summarizes the numbers voting in the last three rounds.

Date of election

March 4th

April 29th

June 4th

Number eligible to vote




Number who did vote




Percentage who voted





Added on 06/06/00

Voting Season

by Maxwell

Nong Khai's budding politicians are slow at learning that they are expected to obey the law relating to giving people things to vote for them. The third round of voting has just finished and Nong Khai has the dubious distinction of being a Province in which there will be a fourth round of voting. 


Added on 05/06/00

Durian Season

by Anak and Jeab

Farmers from Chantaburi Province in the east of Thailand have brought a ten ton truckload of durians to Nong Khai to sell. They are selling them in Big Jeung Department Store car park and on the footpath in front of the Bank of Agriculture and Agriculture Cooperatives. The durians are of high quality but are low in price.

Farmers from Chantaburi are taking truckloads of durians to towns all around Thailand at this time, the peak of durian production.


Added on 30/05/00

Rocket Festival

by Sang Wan

A Rocket Festival will be held in Tambon Hin Ngorm on June 12th. There will be a parade to show of the rockets from each village. This Festival is held every year. Hin Ngorm Pittayakom School will cooperate with the villagers from Ban Sarakam to show a rocket in the parade. The parade is lead by Mr Anan Suwanarin, the Director of Hin Ngorm Pittayakom School. Mr Anan is knowledgeable about the making of bamboo rockets and their history. There will be other types of floats reflecting the culture of the area. The aim is to preserve the local culture. Teachers and students must join the Festival each year as part of their duty to the community of which they are part. The parade passes along the main road of Hin Ngorm which is beside the Khong River. You will be impressed if you join the villagers to view the parade on June 12th. Thai people know the village because of the Naga rockets which erupt from the water from unknown sources in October each year. Villagers from other districts are welcome to enter their own floats in the parade. There will be awards for the best floats which will be donated by the Council of Tambon Hin Ngorm. 

In the evening there will be entertainment including a movie, a concert and lots of places to buy food and drink.

We will have photos to show you of some of the floats and fun after the Festival.



Added on 25/05/00

Bangkok visit

by Anak and Jeab

The Agro Expo 2000 in Bangkok ran from April 29th to May 21st. Jeab from the Agricultural Office in Nong Khai accompanied a group of 30 Nong Khai farmers to Bangkok. One of the many activities was a visit to CP Company. The company supports farmers by providing them with seed and fertilizer or young animals and feed and taking the crop or mature animals off them.

The visit. The company showed a video about the crops and animals that they get farmers to produce. The video also showed how they process what they get from the farmers. It showed chickens being frozen. It showed seeds being prepared to give to the farmers and the crops resulting.

The group then went to another room which had a model farm in it. The farm had chickens, ducks, pigs and fish of different sizes showing the life cycle.

The group went to a third room which had technology farmers could buy from CP, including TVs, computers and telephones. Between the rooms there were crop harvesters. In the room there was another section with samples of all the types of seeds that farmers can buy from CP.

The fourth room visited contained samples of the processed foods CP produces. These included bacon, sausages, meat balls, cans of asparagus, baby corn, peas and pineapple.

The tour took about three hours. The group enjoyed it.


Added on 24/05/00

Nong Khai Products and Services

by Maxwell

The local committee of the Society Improvement Fund has approved the production of a Website to promote Nong Khai products and provide information about local culture. The Website will be in both English and Thai. It will be directed at 

  • People both in Thailand who need the information in Thai and people outside Thailand who read English.
  • People who want Nong Khai products such as hand woven cotton and silk, agricultural products such as mangoes, rubber, etc., manufactured products such as whisky, where they will see data of product types and the quantities produced.
  • People who want to see real estate and investments.
  • People interested in Nong Khai services such as Farm Tours, Farm Stay, learning Thai cooking, learning hand weaving, and learning bamboo weaving.

It will include Information about Nong Khai History, Climate, Population, News and Culture. Customs and Culture include Traditional Thai medicine, Religion, Art, Boat races, Fire boats, Rockets, Astrology, Occultism and magic. There will be information about the local natural attractions.

There will be information about local field, tree and vegetable crops, with harvest times and quantities produced. The information will be kept up to date.

The field crops include  Maize, Peanut, Cassava, Soybean, Sugarcane, Pineapple, Kenaf, Jute, Taro, Tobacco, Sweet potato, Yam bean

The fruit trees and tree crops include Betel leaf, Mango, Lychee, Longan, Pomelo, Rambutan, Sapodilla, Papaya, Banana, Sugar apple, Jujube, Guava, Sweet bamboo, Tamarind, Jack Fruit, Coconut, Para rubber, Santol, Java apple, Cashew nut, Kapok, Lime and Marian plum.

Vegetable crops include Chilli, Water melon, Spring onion, ,Garlic, Shallot, Pumpkin, Leaf mustard, Cucumber, Angled loofah, Chinese cabbage, Yard long bean, Lettuce, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Pakchoi, Chinese kale, Asparagus, Chinese convolvulus, Baby corn, Sweet corn, Tomatoes and Bird pepper.

Livestock in the Province includes Cattle, Buffalo, Ducks, Chickens, Geese and Swine. Fish are produced in farm ponds and in cages in the Mekong.

Tours to be promoted include Farm Tours, Farm Stay Tours, Learning Thai cooking, Learning hand weaving, Learning bamboo weaving and Buddhism in Nong Khai.

There will be information about Real Estate and Investments in the Province.


Added on 16/05/00

Gateway to Laos

by Chirawan (from Sahrot of Nong Khai Public Relations Office)

The Office of Commercial Affairs says that for the period January to March this year the total value of goods passing between Nong Khai Province and  Laos was 2,036 million Baht. Of this 1,928 million Baht was goods going into Laos from Nong Khai and 108 million was goods coming from Laos. The trade advantage to Thailand was 1,819 million Baht. 

Goods going into Laos included fuel oil, cotton cloth, steel and steel fabricating machines, cement, roof tiles, motor bikes, motor cars and spare parts, communications apparatus and spare parts, electric rice pots,  TVs, chemical fertilizer, animal feed, sugar, food and drink.

Goods coming from Laos included logs, timber, rawhide and leather, and goods from the forest.

With this imbalance it is no wonder people are anxious to send out more logs.BACK