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Nong Khai News Page 5


Added on 15/10/00

George's visit - Day 3

by Grape

We went to Phra That Luang. George and Florence thought it was beautiful and took a lot of photos.

We went to Pra tu Chai monument, or Victory Gate. George took a photo of it.

We went to the Antique shop next door to where we had lunch.

We went to Lao Plaza Hotel. They took lots of photos in Lao Plaza Hotel of the rooms and saw the Chinese and western restaurants and the sports club. The hotel is very good.

We called in at Novotel Vientiane Hotel.

We went to Lao Cotton to see the products and buy some of them. They bought a lot of clothes.

We went to the silk shop. The silk is very good but they couldn't take any photos because each item is unique and they don't want them copied. 

We saw the new Cultural Center as we drove past. We couldn't go into the Revolutionary Museum opposite because there was a function being held.

We went to Ho Phra Kaew Museum. They thought it was beautiful. They went inside to look at it and took photos outside.

We went to Sisaket Temple. They took a lot of photos of the Buddha images.

We went to the Morning Market. They bought some wine and carved elephants.

The driver couldn't find the silver shop.

We went to the Duty Free shop. George and Florence bought some Jack Daniels for Maxwell.

Added on 11/10/00

George's visit - Day 5

by Maxwell

Well this is departure day so it meant a bit of tidying up first by going back to Sala Kaeo Ku for a few more photos. The earlier time meant it was cooler and the lighting was at a different angle. The statues were just as impressive. Then it was a drive along the river to the temple where Phra Phonexay Silavan lives to have him join us for the trip to Udon Thani. On the road to the Victory Park Golf Club we again visited the cotton weaving village and Florence picked up the material she had admired on the first day. The lady weaving it had finished a total of ten metres, having started it only on the day we first visited. Then it was down Highway 2 to Udon Thani and the scented orchid farm. It was after eleven o'clock so it was time for Phonexay to eat so we went to a shopping centre. Grape and I joined him chomping on KFC George provided. Now it was unfortunately time for the airport but my normal dislike of airports was alleviated by the presentation of a bottle of Jack Daniels they had got me on Monday, a novel so I can forgo reading some of the books I have for the umpteenth time for a while, and the distribution of some samples of American currency.

We enjoyed showing George and Florence Nong Khai and Vientiane and having their company, and hope they enjoy the rest of the places they visit in their survey of destinations for their Asian tours.

Added on 11/10/00

George's visit - Day 4

by Maxwell

Today began with a visit to the Post Office to get some stamps for some postcards. The Buddhist University is next door but over the road is Tookta's Bakery, so it was firstly in to see where we want people to learn cooking, and then a walk through the grounds of the University. Tasadet Market is at the other end of the short Sisaket Road, so we walked towards it. A silver and antiques shop along the road warranted a visit and many items departed with us. A look at the ferry jetty where Thai and Lao people can cross the river was followed by a walk through Tasadet Market. This is fairly long so there was lots to see. A look for extra luggage was not successful but we found a Buddha Florence wanted. The driver was waiting in Meechai Road and after we had all got in it was off to the Sisters of the Good Shepherd to see their handicrafts and clothes production centre. A variety of items including hand made ties came with us after we had viewed the ladies at work. By now it was eating time so it was back to Tasadet Market to Nong Khai's favourite Vietnamese restaurant, Nam Nueng Restaurant at 1062/1 Banterjit Road, Nong Khai. As usual everyone enjoyed the food and then it was off to the local department store, Big Jeung, to get some extra luggage to hold the shopping. The next stop was Nishacon to see the restaurant and handicrafts on sale. The turn off to the Good Shepherd workshop for pottery and weaving once again eluded the driver. As we could see it at the Village Weaver we headed back to town with a stop to inspect Parmuan's proposed resort with cultural activities. Then it was back to the hotel for a freshen up before dinner. 

Dinner was at Chay Kong Restaurant in Kaewworawut Road. This is Nong Khai's largest and best restaurant. Situated on the bank of the Mekong it gives you the chance to eat delicious Thai food while looking at the river. It lived up to expectations before we headed back to the Nong Khai Grand Hotel with George and Florence.

Added on 09/10/00

George's visit - Day 2

by Maxwell

Sala Kaeo Ku, a local attraction consisting of a huge collection of concrete statues representing Buddhist and Hindu beliefs, provided a photographic bonanza which needed a trip back to the hotel to replenish the digital camera when the expected image tally was vastly exceeded. This came after a visit to the town's principal Wat, Wat Pho Chi, and a visit to the meditation centre. Because we were visiting so many Buddhist places, we asked Phra Phonexay Silavan, a monk from Laos, to accompany us. His English is very good and he could explain the significance of the places and objects seen on the tour.

Lunch was sukiyaki at Suki Viang Chun. 

The proposed walk through the Tasadet Market was postponed as rain threatened and the market is quite long. Instead, after another visit to photograph the statues, we inspected a couple of riverside hotels, the Thai Laos Riverside Hotel and the Mekong Royal Hotel. 

While we were inside the hotels the rain came and went but then it was time for a break and freshen up before a drive around the town to see the multitude of eating places. A Fair was just setting up so we took a look at the furniture and orchids and other goods on sale. The smell of food was in the air so it was off to get some Vietnamese food, spring rolls and something else, to take home to eat. Dinner was eaten beside the Mekong.

Added on 08/10/00

George's visit - Day 1

by Maxwell

Well, George and his wife Florence enjoyed their first day of surveying the tour potential of Nong Khai. The silk at Nha Kha village impressed them, and they could see many of the tour members having very heavy suitcases on their way home. The villagers at the bamboo village were busily working when we arrived and you will be able to see that in George's photos. At the cotton weaving village Florence was impressed with a length of cotton being woven and will pick up all that has been done on her way to the airport on Wednesday. The Victory Park Golf Club was out of place. This impressive venue is not what you expect to find in the back blocks of Thailand.

Added on 02/10/00

George's visit

by Maxwell

October 7th sees George Kenner and his wife arrive in Nong Khai for a feasibility study of tour opportunities including this part of Thailand. He will also be looking at local goods to buy for his business.

They arrive at Udon Thani airport at lunchtime and on the way to Nong Khai we will stop at Nha Kha silk village. Nearer Nong Khai we will drop in to the Victory Park Golf and Country Club. Some of the nearby villages produce hand woven cotton and bamboo. Nishacon will be the next stop to see the range of handicrafts they sell and their delightful restaurant. After that it is on to the Nong Khai Grand Hotel where they are staying. 

A Laos visit is planned and that will include a visit to the silver factory, the Lao Cotton company to see their range of products, some silk places including one frequented by the wives of Heads of Government, The Morning Market, and of course some of the hotels and attractions as are seen on the Laos tours pages on this site.

The third day will be a visit to Wat Pho Chai, the most significant of the nearby wats, of which there are nearly a thousand in the province. The meditation centre and a Buddhist and Hindu sculpture park will follow before calling in at the Good Shepherd Sisters to see the range of handicrafts they get the local people to produce. 

Also on the program will be a walk through Tasadet Market to see the range of goods on sale, a look at some tourist related investment projects, and some time spent watching the boat races on the Mekong on the fourth day. 

Added on 01/10/00

Thai potential

by Maxwell

Comment in the Bangkok Post indicates a line of thought that Thai competitors are disadvantaged generally because they are not of large build. It does not take much thought to wonder about sports such as diving, equestrian, gymnastics, sailing and shooting where it either would not matter or even be an advantage. Email your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the Bangkok Post.

Added on 01/10/00

Naga spouts fire next week.

by Maxwell

Thousands of local people and visitors, the hotels are all booked out, line the banks of the Mekong at a number of locations on the night of the 14th to wait for "Fire Rockets" to erupt from the river. It is purported to be a natural event akin to magic. Prior to the big night there are boat races during the day and parades of light decorated boats at night. The Homestay village can provide accommodation for people wanting to be here for the weekend. Other villages are organizing to offer the same thing.

Added on 01/10/00

Wijan Wins

by Maxwell

09.00 Thai time had all Thailand in front of the television sets and their latest hero didn't let them down with a convincing win in his boxing match for the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. During the last week offices all around Nong Khai have paused to watch bouts on TV as a number of Thai boxers have advanced in their weight divisions. You could tell of each successful blow as a cheer erupted from the onlookers. The gold medal winner from the 1996 Olympics didn't get past the quarter finals, another boxer ended up with a bronze medal, and all hopes for the only gold to come to Thailand from the Games were on Wijan. 

Added on 28/09/00

Coming up at Victory Park

by Maxwell

October 6th The Udon Police Department competition in which about 200 golfers are expected to participate.

October 21st The Victory Park Golf Club competition. Number 9 in the series.

December 5th Golfers "Love the King" competition Number 2. The revenue from the days play will be donated to the King for his projects. In 1999, 840,000 Baht was raised. This year it is expected to be 1,200,000 Baht. 180 golfers will be playing.

December 15th AEK Udon Hospital competition. 74 golfers will play with the money raised going to the Thai Red Cross.

Added on 22/09/00

More on that Homestay village

by Buddy

Nongkhai has a Home stay.

Home stay is a project to encourage tourists.

If people have a group of 40-60 they can stay in the village. On arrival they will be given orange juice and a necklace of flowers.

The village is named Jomjang.

At 7.00am all the people will participate in giving bowls of food of the Buddhist priests.

Have boat racing in the village.

After dinner have shows. Kan (music), boxing and dancing to 23.00 p.m.

If you are in Thailand and want to stay in the village call (042)-422993.BACK