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The latest action in the Life of Maxwell!

MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOK 5: Andy Ones Diary Kindle Edition is finished and is available on Amazon.

Andy is on planet Maxwell 01 which is the first of the Maxwell Empire and is 4 light years away from Earth. He was born in the 4573 Earth year.

Andy makes many pertinent observations on Earth humans over the history of Earth. His diary was written in the year 4587 and Earthlings will read it in 4591 as he is four light years away.

The Ones tour of Space City takes them to pods 1, 2, 3 and 4. See the view from each pod.

Click on the image and you can read a bit of the book. Better still give Amazon some money and read it all. I am still working on getting it available as a paperback.


A history in pictures

Photos taken since 1963 with captions


My life in books 1 to 5.

Book 1 is until I got married,

Book 2 is my first marriage,

Book 3 is my second marriage,

Book 4 is my third marriage and

Book 5 is the present.


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Maxwell Book 1

Until 1969.

Maxwell Book 2

1969 to 1991

Maxwell Book 3

1992 to 1999

Maxwell Book 4

1999 to 2018

Maxwell Book 5

2018 to present