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Live your life while following the guidelines of THE OCTET.
In ancient times people used to believe they should follow the Ten Commandments or a similar set of beliefs throughout their life. In the forty sixth century religion is no longer a part of human life and all people follow THE OCTET.




1. Live your life with the knowledge that this time you have alive is all that you are going to get, with no previous life having been had by you or that there will be another life after you die, so value this life.


2. Humans are social animals so enjoy and value time spent together with other animals, particularly those of your species.


3. This life is all you are going to have so value it. Do not cause society to remove your life from you because of your conduct.


4. Look after the well-being of your mind and body.


5. Take full responsibility for your actions.


6. One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.


7. All living things have a right to exist and all animals are equal.


8. Value the future on a timescale longer than your own.


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