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Yarloop fox in trap

You have all seen the movie scene where the hero fixes up the wild animal be it a wolf or whatever by removing the thorn from a sore paw. My experience with a diminutive fox makes me doubtful any such event could occur. I set rabbit traps at the mouth of rabbit burrows to trap rabbits that I would then take home and hit on the back of the head to kill them before skinning and gutting them before giving the prepared rabbit to Mum to cook. On this occasion a baby fox was caught in the trap. It looked cute. I wanted to set it free. I went to get hold of the trap to do so but before I had got anywhere near enough to touch anything the fox tried to bite off my hand. Soothing words did no good. Eventually I got a suitably large piece of wood so I could bludgeon the little fellow to death as I wanted my rabbit trap. There was a bounty for fox tails so I cut that off to collect it. The smell was just awful. And I never did take it down to Harvey to get the money. Gary says he took it to Harvey and handed it in and got the bounty. He also says it smelt awful.BACK